The  2020  annual Biarritz International convention is victim of the COVID-19 Virus, Uncertainty dictates the date or even year we may next hold the event until such time as COVID-19 testing and a vaccine are developed. Given the great success of Zoom AA meetings in Biarritz and worldwide The BAB Biarritz AA Group has adopted the Zoom platform and will host the Biarritz International Virtual AA Convention in January 2022.

Until testing, and vaccination restrictions are fully developed and in place, social distancing and PPE requirements make the concept of a ‘real’ convention an impracticability. The event organizing committee will be subject to all government regulations imposed, with a view toward travel restrictions and  large gatherings of people.

The Organizers will be subject to all government vaccination certifications and travel visas introduced. Considering the committee’s expertise at organizing events in Biarritz, and holding International Virtual AA meetings on the Zoom platform, it has been decided to host the next virtual AA convention in January 2022.

Such virtual convention is not planned to replace our real convention, rather it is a stand-alone event created to be of service to English-speaking AA members worldwide and at this point in time is considered a one-off event.

Should sufficient demand arise, the Organizing Committee may consider holding further virtual conventions. Given the acceptance and success of zoom AA meetings worldwide it is considered from a convenience and economic perspective there may well be a demand for further Virtual AA conventions. It is the committee’s view, that after the invention of paper and ink, Zoom meetings may well be the greatest development to date in ‘carrying the message’.

We look forward to seeing you and hearing you at the Biarritz International Virtual AA Convention and trust you will enjoy it as much as we have had in organizing it.