How to participate (How It Works)

First requirement is, voluntarily register/pre-register online. The second requirement is to have the login link at hand. No password is required. As you login you will undergo confirmation you are a registrant. Registered attendees only enter meetings, workshops, and events.

Registering/pre-registering is voluntary and the organizers depends on your registration funds to cover expenses (zoom license fees, technical expenses, and overheads, for running the event successfully

When registering/pre-registering you will be required to pay the registration fee via PayPal to email account Upon receipt of your registration and payment you will receive your receipt for payment and confirmation email providing you the login address and password for the meeting rooms, schedule listing meeting times, speaker names and themes, together with a request for your contact telephone number, sobriety date, and address (country of residence).

If you register for two people, (you and your spouse for example) you will be requested to provide, the name, email, telephone, sobriety date of the other person, and country of residence. Password will be required to enter the meeting rooms. When logging into meeting rooms you will undergo a confirmation process to determine if your registration is paid, This may be an automatized process. Your name, payment, email address, date of sobriety, and country of residence will all be checked for approval before you may enter any meeting room throughout the event

Virtual meeting rooms are exactly like real meeting rooms, you will be able to communicate with the speaker and/or tech host and with other members in the meeting room. If you wish to have a private conversation with someone in the meeting room you are encourage to do that via your own private (free) zoom meeting room which may be set up here These are FREE BASIC accounts where you may speak with from 1 to 100 persons for up to 40 minutes duration and include all the same control features as in the meetings, IE microphone, video, participants, chat, record, and reactions. Being of similar format to the meeting rooms a familiar level of comfort is provided. FREE BASIC accounts are independent from the Virtual Convention thus affording you a level of privacy and independence from other event attendees.

Meetings/meeting rooms cannot guarantee your privacy. Steps to protect you and your anonymity have been taken but keep in mind the internet is always vulnerable to hackers. Whilst attending meetings you will be required at all times to have your video ON so that you may be identified as a participant at the event. The meetings have a ‘lock feature’ affording the organizers the ability to block unintended visitors (hackers/zoom bombers etc) during a meeting. All meetings will be locked 15 minutes after they start to help assure your comfort and privacy (You will be able to leave at any time you desire).

When the Speaker/Chair has finished speaking you will have the opportunity to share and participate. You may ‘raise your hand’ if you wish to share. To do this, enter the ‘Participants’ area, a pop-out window will open to the right side of the Zoom screen and at the bottom right of this pop-out window you will find the ‘Raise Hand’ control feature. Click on it to signal you wish to share/speak. You will see your ‘Raised Hand’ (blue) beside your name in the participants window. The tech-host will call on you to speak in the order and priority in which you signaled your desire to speak. Nobody is required to speak or share. Unidentifiable participants may be removed by the tech-host.

Seventh Tradition contributions are voluntary and we hope you will participate in supporting the event and AA as whole, and contribute a generously as you can. Seventh Tradition contributions go to AA GSO and help cover the running costs of AA a a whole.

The email address to which to send Seventh Tradition contributions (marked BAB Virtual Convention 7th tradition) via PayPal will be posted in the ‘Chat-room’ during meetings. Please contribute generously

For any/all questions please send them by email to