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Bilbao is the Basque Country’s biggest and busiest city. It is a thriving cultural metropolis. The famous Guggenheim Museum has secured Bilbao´s position on the international stage

Guggenheim Museum

Calatrava Bridge

Visit one of the most vibrant cities in Spain. This once industrial motor of Spain which supplied iron and steel to the rest of Europe has undergone a massive rejuvenation and is now considered a world class cultural centre. The Basque Country’s biggest and busiest city, Bilbao is a thriving cultural metropolis where daytime and night-time entertainment abounds.

The famous Frank Ghery designed building, the Guggenheim, has secured Bilbao´s position on the international stage. The same can be said about the art work spread over 20 galleries. It hosts some of the most comprehensive collections of contemporary art.

Stroll along the banks of the Nervion River and arrive at the place where the city began in 1300. Enjoy the local atmosphere while sipping traditional Basque drinks and savouring authentic Basque ‘pintxos’. Meander through the Seven Streets and witness the important point of transit (Cathedral of Santiago) that pilgrims used for centuries to get to Santiago de Compostela.

Enjoy the lively ambiance of Plaza Nueva, see the replica of the Paris Opera House here in Bilbao (Theatre Arriaga), and bear witness to the incredible user friendly infrastructure that has made Bilbao a sought after example for urban planners and strategic smart city planning internationally.

Visit Bilbao Guggenheim museum with an expert tour guide. Discover the great building designed by Canadian Frank Ghery with its permanent collection and temporary exhibitions.

The tour of the Guggenheim museum consists of three parts:
First, the historical context and reasons why the foundation came to Bilbao.
Second, analyses of the architectural features design by architect Frank Ghery.
Third, masterpieces of the permanent and temporary art exhibitions.

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