Invited Speaker/s

Karen C. Ph.D.; lecturer, program member since 1974 will share on Friday 25 June. Karen is author of the successful recovery books “Each day a new Beginning”, “The promise of a New Day”, “In God’s Care”, among over 25 other books.

She focuses on the development of spiritual growth and strengthening one’s twelve step recovery.  Karen C. has published two new books focused on the attainment of peace and both stress that staying peaceful is the shortest step to a simple life.

In her most recent book, Karen C. shares words of wisdom about life, loss, and everything in between. Taking on universal themes she reveals what matters most about unconditional love, the importance of peace, and more. We find inspirational life lessons like: Only through relationships can we heal. You are right where you are meant to be. If you share their journey, learn.

Karen is an active member in both Al-Anon (1974), and AA (1976). She says; It’s been a long and most times, wonderful journey.

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